Microsoft HTML Mail Interface


One of the personal customers of the highest-ranking sales executive at Microsoft was having trouble migrating from Microsoft Commercial Internet System version 1.0 to MCIS 2.0.


Microsoft Consulting Services, the organization who would normally handle a problem like this, did not have the knowledge necessary to provide support, and although I did have the knowledge, customer support was far outside my job description. Additionally, the customer was located in the Netherlands while I was in Redmond.


I traveled to the customer's data center and spent two weeks helping them not only with their migration issue, but several other problems that they were encountering with the MCIS system. Some of the problems I was able to solve on my own, but I also acted as liaison to several Stateside feature teams when I did not have the necessary knowledge.


As a result of my efforts, the customer was able to successfully migrate to and use the MCIS 2.0 services, and did not switch to a competing data center solution.


This experience shows my willingness to do whatever it takes to make the product a success, regardless of my job description. It also shows my focus on and advocacy for the customer.