Microsoft HTML Mail Interface


Microsoft was developing the Microsoft HTML Mail Interface (HMI) service, a scalable, three-tier Internet service allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer their users access to email over the World Wide Web, and needed a test team to verify the quality and suitability of the solution.


The architecture elements chosen for the email solution had not originally been designed to perform at the scale required by our ISP customers, and no functional testing of our configuration had ever been done.


I reviewed feature specifications, developed a comprehensive test plan including definition of automation requirements and led a team of five performing feature, network integration, and performance testing. Additionally, I acted as an individual contributor, testing network communications between servers.


My testing and test planning efforts greatly contributed to shipping the Microsoft HTML Mail Interface (HMI) service.


This experience shows my ability to design and implement a project test plan based on existing specifications, lead and direct a test team in executing that test plan, and perform hands-on testing to verify the functionality and scalability of a product.